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All Axis equipment is towable (with a half-ton truck) at highway speeds; easily maneuvered through the cemetery; one-man operated; self-propelled (after unhitched) without tracking up grass; manufactured with all new parts; and custom built to your specs (several options available, including choice of color)


Before 1958 there was no easy or safe way to set vaults. Since that time, not only did Axis Corporation build the first vault handler (also referred to as “the vault buggy”), they have continued to build them better and with more features and options.  Some of the advantages of using the Logan Vault Handlers versus other ways to set vaults are:

  • They are built specifically to place vaults and therefore, every feature, function and option available is designed to make it easier, safer and faster to set burial vaults; saving you time, money and labor.
  • Being towable over the road, they can be used to transport, carry AND place your burial vaults.
  • Since they are self-propelled and easily maneuvered, you don’t have to drive your truck through the cemetery.  ALSO…
  • Custom options, other than those listed below, are available, upon request.
  • Financing options available
  • See our PathTrack II combination vault/monument handler by clicking here.




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Logan Standard Vault Handler

Logan Heavy Duty Vault Handler


Logan Standard Vault Handler


Logan Heavy Duty Vault Handler

Length: 13 Ft  Width: 6 Ft   Height: 7 FtLength: 13 Ft   Width: 6 Ft   Height: 8.2 Ft
Standard Features
Standard Features
3000# Hydrostatic Winch 5″ I-Beam 

LT 245/R16 AT Tires

Top Seal Carriers

Deck Plate to Hook @ 53″

Bed Size: 43.5″ x 92″

Diamond Plate Steel Deck

Infinitely Hydraulic Variable Speed Control

Hydraulic Surge Brake System with 2″ Ball (other couplers available)

High and Low Geared Transfer Case

¾ Ton Drive Axle

13 Hp Honda Electric & Pull Start Engine (with hour meter)

LED Lighting Package

Hydraulic Front Wheel

Choice of Color

Same as the features on the Standard Handler (listed on left) with the following differences: 6000# Hydrostatic Winch Heavy Duty Back Leg Assembly Bed Size: 50” x 92” Angled Fenders with Step
The Standard Vault Handler is also offered with a fixed boom, as shown in the photos.
Vault Handler    Power Boom

Optional Features