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All Axis equipment is towable (with a half-ton truck) at highway speeds; easily maneuvered through the cemetery; one-man operated; self-propelled (after unhitched) without tracking up grass; manufactured with all new parts; and custom built to your specs (several options available, including choice of color)

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All monument companies need a safe process to set monuments.  Monuments need to be handled with care–they are heavy, yet delicate.  The Logan Monument Handlers are built with this specifically in mind. 

    • Makes setting monuments safer, quicker and more efficient (time, money and labor savings over other methods)
    • Combination vault/monument handlers available–see below
    • If you prefer a crane model, we have them in dump and flat beds, with or without sides
    • Using the monument handler will ensure your monuments are carried and placed without being marred or damaged
    • Being towable over the road, you can use it to transport, carry and place monuments
    • Because it is self-propelled and easily maneuvered, you can unhitch it from your truck and drive it directly to the grave site without making tracks in the grass.
    • Handlers come with different features and options so you can custom build your own monument handler, according to your particular needs.  Custom options, other than those listed below, are available, upon request.

Logan Monument Handler

Logan Vault / Monument Handler

Axis Crane Models


Logan Monument Handler


Logan Combination Vault & Monument Handler (Click here to view our PathTrack II Vault/Monument Handler)

Axis Crane Models

Length: 13 Ft  Width: 6 Ft   Height: 7 FtLength: 13 Ft   Width: 6 Ft   Height: 7 FtLength: 15-16 Ft
Standard Features
Standard Features
Standard Features
3000# Hydrostatic Winch
Fixed 5″ I-Beam
Two Locking Inner Legs
Bed Size: 44” x 92”
750 x 16 Wide Tires
Diamond Plate Steel DeckFull Length Deck (Steel or Plywood)
Infinitely Hydraulic Variable Speed
Hydraulic Surge Coupler with 2″ Ball (other Couplers available)
Comes Standard or Your Choice of:
– Adjustable Height Coupler
– Pintal Eye Coupler
High and Low Geared Transfer Case
¾ Ton Drive Axle
13 Hp Honda Electric & Pull Start
Engine (with hour meter)
LED Lighting Package
Hydraulic Front Wheel
Choice of Color
Same as the features on the Monument Handler
(listed on left) with the following differences:  5″ I-Beam (pull out)
2 Slide Out Hydraulic Legs
Top Seal Carriers
Deck Plate to Hook @ 53″
Option of Hydraulic Powered Boom and Rollback unavailable on this model.
Note: both handlers can carry vaults and monuments.
The main difference between them is one has a fixed beam and the other has a pull-out beam, (which also has cross bars to secure monuments).
Lifting Capacity 4,400 lbs
Hydraulic Outreach up to 16 ft
Bed Size: 50” x 96”
Hydraulic Dual Front Wheel
4-Point Leveling
Hydraulic Variable Speed Control
Hydraulic Surge Coupler with 2′′ Ball (other Couplers Available)
Choice of Color
High and Low Geared Transfer Case 3⁄4 Ton Drive Axle
13 Hp Honda Electric & Pull Start Engine (with hour meter)
LED Lighting Package

Optional Features

Optional Features Axis Crane Models