Markets Served – Monument Companies

We at Axis design and build monument handlers specifically for the needs of monument companies.

We realize that a vast majority of monument companies are small and family-owned and therefore, are interested in saving labor and time.

Our handlers allow you not only to carry multiple monuments at the same time, but they can also be operated by one person. This saves you time and money.Monument picture in cemetery

We also know your monuments are works of arts and cannot be replaced without great time and expense. Therefore, we provide customized bumpers to protect your monuments from damage while being handled.

We recognize that it is of the utmost importance for you that a monument setting goes smoothly. The reliability of your monument handler will give you the confidence that you will perform your monument settings flawlessly, day after day.

We also know that being able to get replacement parts and service in a timely manner is essential. At Axis we provide both; and most of our parts ship the same day and if necessary, we will identify a supplier in your local area to help you get back in operation, as soon as possible.

Monument Companies often use Back Hoes or Dollies to carry and transport their monuments… however:

  • Back Hoes need to be operated by two people. The Logan Monument Handler will allow you to carry multiple monuments at the same time, and can be operated by one person.
  • Logan Monument Handlers are more reliable, less labor intensive and safer than back hoes and dollies.

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