Markets Served – Funeral Homes

We at Axis Corporation understand your commitment to providing dignified bereavement services to grieving families. We also understand your need to be able to move and place vaults in a safe and efficient manner. Therefore, we have built the Logan Handler with those needs in mind. The Logan Handler has a simple design for a smooth, eye-pleasing look. We let you choose the color of your handler. All of our handlers have a quality finish and are coated with funeralsuperior paint to prevent unsightly peeling and chipping.

If you need to move your vault handler from location to location, we have made the transportability of the handlers easy and simple by providing options that allow you to hitch your handler to any size truck, or to alternate between different-sized trucks. You can trust that your handler is rugged enough to be used in any type of ground conditions and the quality built in prevents costly and timely breakdowns at the graveside. We understand that there are hundreds of details for you to be concerned about while performing your services. We want to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can depend on your Logan Handler day in and day out.


  • Conduct dignified, timely, and efficient funeral services.
  • Move vaults in any type of ground conditions.
  • By providing you the peace of mind of knowing you are using the highest quality, most dependable equipment in the industry.