Markets Served – Cemeteries

The Logan Vault Handlers are ideal for cemeteries because they provide more versatility, increased power, labor savings, better safety and reliability than vault carts, hydraulic dollies, vault lowering devices and/or back hoes.

Here are just a few of the benefits Logan Vault Handlers provide for cemeteries:National Cemetery

  • The handlers will not track up your grass.
  • The handlers make it easy to maneuver around monuments and grave plots.
  • The three or four 36” cylinder option gives you the ability to get into tight spaces, when needed.
  • They are safer to use on inclines.
  • They only require one person to operate all functions.
  • They are a labor savings over other types of vault lowering devices.
  • They can be used to handle monuments, markers and/or vaults.
  • They are safer than other vault lowering devices.
  • Logan Vault Handlers can be transported over the road, if necessary.

Cemeteries Choose Logan Vault Handlers over other Vault Lowering Devices because:
We understand that funerals cannot be stopped and consequently, we know that the reliability of your handler and ability to get replacement parts quickly is paramount. We have been providing both for over 55 years.