Longer I-Beam

Longer I-Beam


The standard Logan Vault Handler is manufactured with a 12′ beam which can be extended up to 14′.

It is a required option for the hydraulic cylinder packages, because there has to be at least 13′ of clearance to avoid hitting the back legs with the vault, when dismounting it from the trailer and swinging it over the hole.

Gives the operator a little more distance from the hole to maneuver the vault.

When the vault is picked up off the trailer, it has to be twisted 90 degrees and swung over the hole without disturbing the back legs of the handler, and then lowered into the ground-the extended I-beam allows more room to work while performing this task.

A Longer I-Beam is Required with the Hydraulic Cylinder Packages:

When the legs of the handlers with the hydraulic cylinders are set down, at least 13 feet will be necessary in order to have room to swing the vault off the trailer and over the hole.